Best Masala Tea

by Seamus Óg

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released November 15, 2018

Recorded at WR Audio in Manchester.
Andy Patterson on double bass.
Illustration by Aine Livia Gordon


all rights reserved



Seamus Óg Manchester, UK

Born in Belfast, engulfed in a family of Irish musicians. Seamus Óg combines his earthy folk background with rhythmic blues, soul and jazz. His use of far Eastern instruments breeding warm and soulful melodies.
Truly a transcending delight.

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Track Name: Don't You Miss Me
And I won't be the one,
to follow.
And I know where my smiles lie,
and i know where they die.
Do you really see me,
do you see me at all.
So take me where no time flies
I'm a roll on out.

But don't you miss me.
Yea, don't you miss me.

Easy as the breeze,
I take each day.
And i don't have to be here,
do you here me loud and clear.
A fool in my heart,
but light on my mind.
Yea, it's the best way i've found.

But don't you miss me.
Don't you miss me.
Track Name: Take Me Rolling With You
You warm my soul,
you take a piece of me and then you go rolling home.
When your upstairs.
Well no other thought is running through my head.

Oh, but next time.
Take me rolling with you.

Don't watch her stroll.
You can nearly feel the rivers start to roll.
And you can call me mad.
But i've never seen a single step touch the ground.

Oh, but next time
Take me rolling with you.

And all i do, is on the wind
And darling you know i've been pining.
So don't be afraid to talk to me so kindly
While here i lie in wonder.
Track Name: Owey Island
Heading through the countryside,
towards the shore towards the sand.
Rain is dripping through the doors,
onto my face and down onto the floor.

And it'll be a nice time
It'll be the right time
It'll be a delight
a delight for you and for me.

A crowd of us jump on the boat,
turn your backs to the winds a blow'n.
Then you'll sail away with me
and then we'll all sail away together.


A crowd of people give a hand
For when we arrive on the land.
Up to the cottages we go,
stoke the fire and dry out your clothes.


Howling winds and soaking dogs,
light the candles play the cards.
And when i'm fed I'll hit the hay,
up to my bed and it's there I'll stay.

Track Name: Shadow & The Song
A whisper awakens
the melodies at dawn.
Stumbling through your narrow streets.
Down it flows with river free.
Brought out a hidden side of me.

Easy lost on roads,
at different times it seems.
Don't wanna turn against you no.
It's better to make amends,
for it's into dust i do descend.

You can't stop,
giving me lip.
Taking me for a ride.
You always know,
when to quit.
But you never do you never do.

Please don't delay x4

Still this melody,
in the passing rain,
my cheeks have kept no stain.
Shadow dancing along,
should i follow the shadow or the song.

These are the melodies,
that i wrote to thee.
While you stand by stormy sea.
Through the final cast.
To relieve your tortured past.

Track Name: Man-made
You may bless the weather
thank the roof over you head.
I'm a blow a storm,
that'll roll Tom Joad out of bed.
Oh when i get to you,
well i don't care what your worth.

Kings in the castle,
hangmans in the court.
No matter how you put me down,
your walls always fall short.
Your my weakness though,
but the man always falls first.

Well i'm the dirt in the ground babe
the wind and the rain
The seed and the sea

Down to the river,
I'm a start a flood.
And you'll all run to the hills
and maybe the stars up above.
But oh when i get to you,
well i don't care what your worth.

Your day it will come.
And it's not so far away.
When you drag us down to hell,
i guess it's the way that man was made
It's the way that man works.
It's the way that man was made.

Track Name: Winds of Your Last Words
Sings, don't come my way.
Show me a path.
Rain, comes far to often.
Beats on my window.

Softly, softly i stroll,
stroll through my days.
When i dream of you,
i can't seem to change.

And i don't know why
you got to keep me on the side.
These times of turmoil are twisting up my mind
And i don't know how
oh you got me feeling blue
You show me your love.
You always turn to run.

Time and time again,
i've been waiting,
waiting for your love.
Four long years,
i've been careful not to say,
say the words.

It's funny how,
you got me spinning and running wild.
All round your head.
It seems I'm wrapped up,
in the winds of your last words,
to me.

Track Name: Winter In India
Winter in India and the feelings rolling high
I got the heat crashing on me all through the night.
Why would you ever leave me why should i ever go.
Back to that rainy old city,
that i know.

Some like it bitter and some like it sweet
i got a mean old mama trying to rescue me.
Excuse me honey could you stay off my cloud
cause theres a whole load of reasons and ill tell you why.

Stay with me baby, but don't stay too long
cause you're the only one i want but I'm a doing this alone.
And if you want to seek me in the wind or my words
just call on me baby when I'm home.

Winter in India and the feelings rolling high
I got the heat crashing on me all through the night.
Why would you ever leave me why should i ever go.
Back to that rainy old city, x3
that i know.

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